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About Leslie Gebhart

Leslie Gebhart

Leslie found The Artist's Way in the 1990's when feeling stuck about the best way to proceed with her dream to create books designed to support children living in chaotic homes where alcoholism, drug addiction or absent parenting caused the young child to miss that loving, warm, safe place to grow and learn to trust.  After publishing those first books, (Have You Ever Been A Child? and PRIVATE Keep Out!) Leslie has gone on to support others to re-connect with their own creative passions and develop action plans to accomplish what they want to do.

In addition to supporting writers, Leslie enjoys being in the company of those ready to undertake the challenge and experience the magic of The Artist's Way. Whether in the work place environment or at play she specializes in reminding you to get back in touch with what you love.

In addition to being a certified Artist's Way facilitator, she holds a Master's Degree in Educational Counseling, a Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, is a wife, mother, grandmother and animal lover who lives in a papaya colored house surrounded by lemon yellow walls and a garden filled with painted treasures.

As a complement to facilitating the book study, Leslie offers innovative presentations for the workplace in which imagination is encouraged to flourish.  In the atmosphere she creates, you are guided to clarity how you express your passion, leading to increased productivity and camaraderie.  You experience a new sense of personal fulfillment as you proceed systematically in this space of creative collaboration.  

During her facilitation of the book study, you re-connect with the passion of your most creative period.  Whether you are a 'conventional artist' or someone yet to tap into your unique creativity, you will benefit from the exercises, energy and courage-evoking suggestions that are part of the remarkable template Mark & Julia offer in The Artist's Way.

Leslie asks, "Do you want to be stuck in your old story or are you ready to make a different choice? Are you ready now to

  • re-connect with the passion of your most creative period
  • experience a new sense of personal fulfillment
  • join others in a restorative atmosphere of creative collaboration
  • be encouraged to express your passion
  • feel the vibration of encouragement & camaraderie?

Call to ask your questions...consider making your "mistakes" in this safe environment. Come play!


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