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About Isabel Fouchécour

Isabel Fouchécour

+33 (0)145 41 28 67


France and Europe

Having spent over twenty years working in the business media world, Isabel is now focusing her attention on the love of her life, her creative art. This is a journey, which started for Isabel when she began to teach her young children how to draw and paint. It developed as Isabel used the PointZero method to build and motivate creative teams in her fast-moving working environment. Today, Isabel is using all the AWAW tools to coach individuals, one to one, and small business teams to develop their creative thinking processes. She helps her clients to discover how they can apply these skills to achieve their own life and business goals. Isabel individually designs each program so that the particular and specific needs of her private and business clients are met. Isabel communicates her passion for art with faultless English, infecting it with her abundant enthusiasm. “Whow, zis is just so much fun…” And it is!

Isabel Fouchecour has already faciltated creativity process in Belgian, in Germany and in France.

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