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About Laura Biering

Laura Overstreet Biering
True Voices, Inc.
Whole Life Coaching and a Whole Lot More!


Laura O. Biering, CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) is the Founder and President of True Voices, Inc.  In addition to her training and certification (from The Coaches Training Institute), she is a certified workshop facilitator and consultant (through The Institute of Conscious Expression and The Artist’s Way at Work), and an ordained minister. She also holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music from Rice University, and has been a performer, director and music director for many years.

Laura’s mission with True Voices, Inc. is to empower you to become who you were created to be.  She champions the principles set forth in The Artist’s Way and The Artist’s Way at Work, two groundbreaking books co-written by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan.  She also draws deeply on her own experience as a formally trained singer and actress, a self-taught artist and writer, an experienced business professional, and a seeker who has found her own True Voice.

As a Coach, Laura encourages you to find and maintain balance and fulfillment in your daily life.  She will work with you to identify your dreams, then hold you accountable as you achieve them! 

As a Facilitator and Consultant, she offers classes, workshops, seminars and retreats in many areas, including creativity, self-care, body image and spirituality.  These sessions are tailored to meet your needs and those of your particular group, be it a family, business, church, or community. 

As an Ordained Minister, Laura works with you to discover new ways of connecting with the Divine – in your daily life, and in yourself.  She helps you to establish rituals to honor the cycles and transitions in your life, such as births, deaths, weddings or commitment ceremonies, beginnings or endings of menstruation, new jobs, new homes, etc.  She is happy to officiate at these ceremonies, or to guide you in performing them on your own. 

Laura offers services to individuals, couples and groups.  Sessions are designed to accommodate your needs, and can be conducted in person, over the telephone, and by e-mail, when necessary.

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All listed classes and groups will be held at the Center for Holistic Health
1201 Clairmont Rd., Ste. 201, Decatur, GA

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