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Artist's Way at Work stories of personal and work related transformations:

Mark Bryan and N.A.K. Production Associates are producing a 13 - part television series based on the Artist's Way at Work and are looking for people from all walks of life and various nationalities and cultural backgrounds to share their stories based on the principles outlined in the book. The series will be aired on television and cable networks around the world.

We are especially looking for people located in the Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Charlotte, NC, areas of the U.S., but all are welcome to submit their story, including those living outside the United States. For the purposes of this series it is important stories include personal and work related instances that have been influenced by the Artist's Way at Work materials. If you have attended AWAW workshops, all the better, but it is not a requirement.

Your story should include: what life was like before AWAW; what drew you to AWAW; what aspects of the AWAW touched your life; what changes did the work guide you toward; what exercises did you find particularly useful and why; what chapter of the book held deeper meaning for you, if any; insights you would like to share with others.

You must be willing to allow us to record in your home, at work and possibly other settings in your community.

Please include in your response:

Best time to call: AM - PM -
Type of work:
Age Group:






Gender: Male - Female
Nationality-cultural identity:
Your story:
Have you read The Artist's Way?:
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Have you read The Artist's Way At Work?:

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